Founded in 2016, Entertainment X Primary (EXP) is passionate about bringing your vision to life by fusing our talent of dance and movement with our driven and incomparable team to help complete your story how you see fit.

We empower our clients by providing worldly talent in order to enhance their concept allowing us to create their ideal team. Individualizing your needs by blending and connecting people, dance styles and cultural backgrounds. Brooklyn-based founder and CEO, Sara “Primary” Leick’s unique style, Contemporary Fusion, is the blending of traditional contemporary ballet, hip hop and popping techniques used to create electrifying and athletic choreographic pieces of work.

EXP’s talented roster ranges from hip-hop to contemporary dancers to heels and jazz choreographers; all united by their strength of intention and richness of work. Additionally, we are proud to say 95% of our team is international. By hiring international talent, we embrace various cultures and dance traditions.

Like a breath of fresh air, the EXP Team will brighten your experience! The Entertainment X Primary Dancers (EXPD) provide a dynamic energy by bringing their individual fierceness to your project, concert or event. Under Primary’s direction, our ability to adapt to any venue and environment keeps the EXP team ready for action, prepared to be “flexible in the face of change.”

Our mission is to give dedicated, quality service to clients and provide the artistic community a platform through work opportunities and creative spaces.