Sara "Primary" Lieck

Sara “Primary” Lieck is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and model who strives to change the entertainment industry one dance at a time.

A Texas native, now a New Yorker, she embraced the city to challenge herself and inspire others. From the Lone Star to the Big Apple, Primary’s passion grew for the entertainment industry from her desire to redefine barriers, limits and social norms of the artistic world.

“I saw a need amongst the artist community. Struggling and being let down by the world they know and love. It was my wish to create job opportunities and a space for artists to feel artistic fulfillment and financial stability.”

Through her innovative entrepreneurship, she utilizes dance and production to achieve these goals.

As CEO and Creative Producer of Entertainment X Primary, LLC (EXP), Primary has been hailed as “the perfect mixture of elegance and grit.” Seeking to understand the artist’s needs in order to bring their vision to reality, she blends her love for dance and passion for business into her work.

Versed in many styles and techniques, Primary’s background in training allows each Entertainment X Primary Dancer (EXPD) to grow in their dance versalitalty. Primary offers invaluable, out of the box solutions that people have been in search of.


Did you always want your own company?

“It unfolded naturally for me. I wanted to keep all of my talented friends and family around and working. I took the leap of faith after years of planning and starting a business has been a journey within my journey”

What drew you to entertainment production ?

“My brain is wired like a producer. All the details can make or break an event. I enjoy helping our client’s event run smoothly but also making sure they are entertained and having the time of their life.”

What is “Contemporary Fusion”?

“It is a blend of the popping technique with contemporary ballet. I enjoy the dichotomy of both techniques and how the structures are regimented. They compliment each other— down to what muscles you use and how to use them efficiently. ”


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