Who is EXP?

Entertainment X Primary (EXP) is a Brooklyn-based entertainment production company that utilizes dance to create a specialized entertainment experience. By producing events, live shows, music videos and more, EXP is dedicated to making entertainment that is “fused, fresh, and flexible.

We offer each client the perfect performance package formed by each unique vision and design essentials. From talent services and production elements necessary to master the success of each endeavor.


Our entertainment clientele (i.e: Corporate, weddings and festivals) receives ambient dancers, flashmob performances and creative development services for their next endeavor.

Events of all kinds benefit from the addition of dancers—an element that instantly makes any gathering more memorable by providing glamor, sparkle, and good vibes.

Treat your guests to the experience of a lifetime as EXP keeps them laughing, dancing and exhilarated throughout your next event.


Our artist clientele (Recording artists, musicians, and Drag performers) receive a performance package comprising of back-up dancers, choreography, wardrobe and booking services for their next gig. All clients have the option to add production accessories to their booking such as photography, videography and production management.

EXP focuses on providing services that complement your (unique vision). Bringing your music video shoot or live performance to the next level with routines that will keep your audience wanting more.